Apalachin Community Press, July 2000
Rt 17, Exit 66 Reconfiguration

Exit 66 off Route 17 is being reconfigured because of the new Susquehanna River crossing which will link Apalachin with Campville.

 The old on-ramp to Route 17 westbound was removed in June. Vehicles are being detoured to the on ramp in Owego (Hiawatha Bridge).

 A new off ramp for Route 17 Westbound is under construction and is scheduled to be finished in July. When the new on ramp is open to traffic, the current off ramp will be closed and removed.

 Construction of the new off ramp destroyed a wetland which must be replaced. A new wetland will be established at the site of the current off ramp. In addition to the wetland, there will be two areas of wildflower plantings near the wetland.

 The bridge over Route 17 will be replaced because it is not high enough to meet the standards for Interstate 86. The northbound lane of that bridge is being removed now. The southbound lane will be removed later.

 When the project is complete, the new Route 17 westbound off ramp will end in a two-lane intersection with the bridge over Route 17. There will be a traffic light at the intersection. Vehicles will turn left to go to Route 434,  right to go to Route 17C, or go straight to enter the on ramp back to Route 17 westbound.

 The plans for the project include a fisherman's access road to the river.

 The new ‘millennium bridge' over the Susquehanna will intersect with Route 17C. The end of Valley View Drive is being moved to line up with the bridge. A traffic light will be installed at the intersection.

 The project is scheduled to be finished by July 1, 2001.