Fatal Stabbing in Apalachin

by Beverly Brown

The fourth week of July 1997, began as another dreamy, small town, summer week in Apalachin, but on the morning of Friday the 18th, residents awoke to the shocking news that a quiet neighborhood party on Marshland Road had ended in a nightmare - two men got in a fight, one had a knife, and 20-year-old Ryan Hickey was dead.

Guiseppe "Joe" Cataldo, 21, of 1018 Christina Court, Town of Union, is charged with first-degree assault in the incident.

The party at which the fight broke out was held on Thursday, July 18, at the home of Colin Grant, 2605 Marshland Road in Apalachin (see photo below). Colin's parents, Stu and Terry Grant, were away on vacation in the Adirondacks at the time.

During the party, Hickey and Cataldo got into an argument in the house. When the two began to fight, friends tried to break it up, resulting in an injury to Hickey's friend Andrew Jackson, 21, who he cut his elbow on a window.

Hickey and Cataldo went outside and the fight continued with both men rolling on the ground. As the fight was ending, the others came outside. Cataldo left as Hickey's friends helped him into the house, unaware of how badly the young man was hurt.

As they waited for help to arrive, Hickey's friends tried to staunch the bleeding from the knife wounds on his chest and back. Hickey was taken to Wilson Hospital where he died early Friday morning.

Cataldo was arrested by the Tioga County Sheriff's's Department and charged with first degree assault. He was released on $50,000 bail. A grand jury will meet August 12 to consider the case.

Ryan Hickey is survived by his mother and stepfather, Carol and David Ambrose of Apalachin; his father, Robert Hickey, Sr. and Linda O'Connor of Endicott; his twin brother, Patrick, and brothers Tony and Andrew of Apalachin; stepsister Lynn Ambrose of Apalachin; and stepbrother Erin O'Connor.

Giuseppe Cataldo is the son of Tony Cataldo, owner of Tony's Pizzeria & Restaurants in Owego and Endicott. The restaurant in Owego was closed on Friday, July 18. A wreath stood in front of the door on which was a sign that read "Due to tragedy involving the Cataldo Family, we will be temporarily closed. In Memory of: Ryan Hickey."

At press time, the Tioga County Sheriff's's Department had not issued an official press release on the stabbing.

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